Our Production Facilities

Our production facilities are state of the art.   Several hundred employees hand pick crab to ensure the highest quality and lowest shell content.  Our facility operates for up to 12 hours for optimum production.  This ensures that every crab is perfect in order to uphold Bonamar's standards.

Our fresh blue crab processing plants are located on Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.  There, we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.  Our plants can have fresh meat to your door in three days or less.  All of our meat is hand picked and organically tested.  Our Venezuelan plants produce a fresh water blue crab making it the sweetest meat in the market and the only crab from a fresh water source.

Our Standards

We produce all of our products and hold them to rigorous HACCP regulations.  Our products have strict specifications that are not compromised just to have available product to sell.  In plants we do not own, we employ our own quality administrator who works inside the plant.  Our philosophy is, "if it is not perfect, we won't sell it".  This high standard is to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with all perishables placed under the Sebastian label.